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Hyperspeedy outer space fights in Virtual Reality!

Hyperide VR is a game in which player as a commander of speedy hypership have to protect IMS Horizon - a cargo spaceship under pirate attack. In order to survive player needs to master  its dodging maneuvers, maintaining ship's internal energy through collecting high-octane crystals and shoot the oncoming obstacles. Hyperide offers a unique opportunity to travel at warp speeds and jump through wormholes to discover the far reaches of the Universe expanding over four breathtaking quadrants of the void. During their adventure, brave space commanders will need to find in themselves enough courage to save the stranded astronauts and avenge them in grande finale. All this is just a taste of what Hyperide VR has to offer. 

Key features:

*Astonishing design dedicated to VR immersive experience
*Arcade obstacle-dodging action in virtual space 
*3 different void quadrants and an old-school boss fight 
*Adrenaline-packed challenge
*Highly polished visuals and sound to make the outer space even more awesome
*Hyper speed, ships, jumps, galaxies, multinational astronauts, and many other hyper features


Developer: Kool2Play
Platforms: available on Steam.





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Hug them all! Don’t forget about anyone :)

Despite evidence, we do believe in humanity. A simple smile has the power to bring out the best in people. A hug - in turn - tames what's worst in them. We believe in the energy in positivity, and good karma. Here's I Hug U, a unique hug-driven memory game. Give a hug every different character on your way. Just make sure to hug everyone just once.

We have decided to refer to well-known characters, memory game mechanics and tinder-like controls, which together with 8bit universal graphics give you a cool mix of familiar things; all the above with the main hugging theme triggers a real bomb of positive energy. This is what I Hug U is all about :)

We wanted to see people of different cultures, religions, political options, beliefs, races, skin colour, historical figures, fairy-tale characters, celebrities and all living beings ;) pass to each other the sign of peace – a hug. In one place, in one game. We really believe that this is possible. I Hug U.

Hug everyone, but only once, and don’t forget about anyone… Are you up to the challenge? 
And remember – every day is a lost one if you did not laugh… or hug… :)

Key features:

* a unique memory game about hugging
* unique, positive, funny and non violent world 
* over 100 characters to unlock, with many more to come
* character editor - mix heads with the bodies, over twenty thousands freaky mixes to reveal
* 8 different locations, more to come
* several mini arcade games about collecting green leaves
* New quests everyday 
* Green lottery with special prizes and power ups
* Global hug counter for community challenge
* the ”80s TV” mode available

International Day of Peace big update! New in-game content includes:

* 3 new levels: Paris, Moscow and the Rainbowy World of Hugs and Peace
* More than 10 new characters, which represent the famous laureates of the Nobel Peace Prize
* New quest: hug the chosen people
* New achievement: unlocking the characters 
* Upgraded tutorial and the summary screen to allow the better understanding of the game's rules

Developer: Kool2Play
Platforms: available on iOS, tvOs, Android and PC.

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It's a game where you try to cut things into as many little pieces as you can, without missing your mark. The cast of characters consists of some of the sharpest heroes ever. Visit their colorful world filled with choppable food and help them on their quest to achieve perfection, and make every cut a proper nice slice!

What are you waiting for? Just play and chop-chop!

Key features:

* A dynamic endless higscore run full of cutting edge fun
* An original cast of popculture-inspired sentient cartoon knives
* Many exciting score-boosting tricks to discover
* Skill-based gameplay that rewards practice
* Advanced in-game physics system for realistic, tactile slicing

First update:

*4 new pirate characters - knifes
*12 new, unique levels under the deck of the ship
*completely 10 new items to be cut - everything stolen from merchant vessel ;)
*changed physics in the game to make the gameplay a bit different 
(sways like on the ship)
*custom stickers set (8 pictures included) for your mobile device (only for iOs users)
*new leaderboard dedicated to a new pirates world

Developer: Kool2Play
Platforms: iOS, Android, PC
Press pack: browse here



So, you think you can trust your own eyes? Let's put that trust to a test, shall we? Let us introduce to you ESTIMAN, a dynamic, engaging arcade game based on something each one of us does - estimation. With the combos you may keep going forever (if you can!), the sweet minimal visuals explore your aesthetic sense, and the adaptive difficulty level turns this simple concept into a compelling and satisfying game – just like we did with Clock Simulator. Try it! 

The ability to estimate the number of objects and to decide which of the several groups of things is larger than the others, is one of the basic skills possessed by humans. ESTIMAN puts an extreme challenge on this seemingly simple mind exercise. How fast can you estimate? Just how much can you trust your eyes? Can you keep up with the pace and score a mind-blowing combo, when the game actively tries to mess with your brain? The players are up for one hell of a challenge. Play along! 


* A unique, endless game with an original, estimation-based gameplay 
* A relaxing play that keeps you in a trance by engaging your estimation skill 
* Cool combos that allows  a skilled player to keep going forever 
* A minimal audio-visual experience that evolves as you play
* A vast selection of game-altering modes and settings

Developer: Kool2Play
Platforms: iOS, Android, PC
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Have you ever wondered what would happen if a classic tolkienesque fantasy world was attacked by pulp-science fiction monsters from outer space? Now you can find out! Dungeons&Aliens is a free to play mobile action game with space mutants, brave dwarves, and awesome magic. It combines swipe&slash controls (proven effective on both aliens and fruit) and simple tower defense (as easy as placing vegetation to stop the undead). All this makes up for one fun and colorful adventure!

Main features:

* Fresh mechanics: Swipe&slash meets tower defense
* Hand-drawn, old-school storybook graphics
* Upgradable spells for spectacular destruction
* A comedic mashup of sci-fi and fantasy clichés
60 challenging levels to beat and to master

Developer: Kool2Play

Platforms: iOSAndroid
Press pack: Here



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Clock Simulator is a whole new kind of casual game. It puts the player in the role of the clock itself to explore the concept of time in a whole new way and offer challenge, relaxation, or plain and simple fun. All that a clock needs to do is to advance precisely once every second. Second, after second, after second, after second… Sounds simple enough? But could YOU take over and do it? Calm down. Relax. Focus on your inner rhythm. Click or tap once a second. Every second. You are the clock. 

Clock Simulator offers:
* A unique concept of a clock-based rhythm game: you are the clock
* Controls so simple you could play with your eyes closed
* A variety of play modes and themes ranging from meditative to arcade
* Option to unlock modes and themes you enjoy to play them at your own leisure

Developer: Kool2Play
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android
Press pack: Here



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Hyperide is a game in which players can rush in the speedy hyperships through a deadly asteroid field. In order to survive in this non-violent top-down space arcade game, they need to master their evasive manoeuvers instead of simply shooting the oncoming obstacles. Hyperide offers a unique opportunity to travel at warp speeds and jump through wormholes to discover the far reaches of the Universe expanding over six breathtaking stages. Players will have a chance to challenge themselves with 600 daredevil missions or test their skills and see how far they can go in the endless survival mode. During their adventure, brave space riders will need to find in themselves enough courage to save the stranded astronauts… and their faithful astromutts! That’s all just a taste of what Hyperide has to offer. With Hyperide we aims to capture the feel of classic arcade inspirations and present it as a A-tier game available in Free to Play model on mobile platforms.

Key features:

* Arcade meteor-evading action – survive the dangers of space without ever firing a shot
* Adrenaline-packed challenge without frustration
* Two ways to play: a mission-based exploration or hard-core endless highscore run
* Lots of unlockables achievements, and geeky sci-fi Easter eggs to discover
* Highly polished visuals and sound to make the outer space even more awesome
* Hyper speed, ships, jumps, galaxies, multinational astronauts, astro-dogs, and many other hyper features

Developer: Kool2Play
Platforms: iOS, Android
Press pack: here 



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Messy Bird is an original and humorous hat-tip to the clichéd mobile games theme. This arcade game tells a story of a bird that finally does what he was meant to do. Messy Bird is all about fast-paced gameplay, simple mechanics, beating the records and unlocking tons of content.
Players control the bird’s flight in two dimensions which requires a lot of skill and reflex needed to maneuver and attacking the alien invaders (only!). With progress come the unlocks: disguises for Messy Brid, new allies and aliens and more! The game invites players to beat their own records and master their skills.

Key features:
* Simple and fresh mechanics
* Short, fast-paced gameplay
* Insane record beating
* Loads of unlocks
* The best poo-themed game since the 90s

Developer: Kool2Play
Platforms: iOSAndroid
Press pack: here (119 MB)



Triviador is an exciting, fast-paced 3 player trivia game with a strong strategic element. Triviador games, called "Supplies", are played in a classical setting that is a cross between the Middle Ages and the great period of world exploration. Battles are all played on a world or country map divided into 15 territories.

Victory belongs to the player with the most points – won by facing off in a 3 player battle of trivia and speed. The challenges consist of multiple choice questions, and guess questions with only numeric answers. The questions cover many topics ranging from history and entertainment to science, sports and all manner of general knowledge.

Developer: TXH Games
More informartion: click here


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Kool2Play sp. z.o.o. is an independent mobile, PC, and console game development studio and game publisher from Warsaw, Poland. 

We believe everyone deserves to have a little mindful or mindless break from their daily mundane tasks. To drop out from the flow of serious things for a moment and have some fun. We play games to chill out. We make games to help others chill out, too! Positive emotions and absorbing gameplay are the key marks of all titles published by Kool2Play. Our golden rule: “Only make the kind of games you enjoy playing yourself”. 


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