Uragun fully armed for gamescom – watch the first gameplay from the Barcelona biome!

Kool2Play, an independent producer of computer games, is going to Gamescom (August 25-27)  to join the group of the most interesting indie games from around the world as part of the virtual Indie Arena Booth (August 25-29).

Especially for this occasion, the developers have prepared extensive gameplay from the game Uragun. The new video is a full walkthrough of one of the arenas using two different sets of weapons (a powerful rocket launcher paired with a railgun and a fast auto piercer plus a very effective boomerang) and, of course, everything ends with a boss fight.

The work on Uragun is in full swing and we can’t wait to share more content from our game. Previously you had a chance to see our brand new mech, a new camera and visuals, and some action-packed fragments of the Hong Kong biome (level), but it’s just a fragment of what we do. Gamescom is a celebration of games and we decided that this is the perfect moment to present a completely new part of the game. This time it’s gameplay from the “Barcelona” biome using two different sets of weapons. It’s also a great opportunity to see a totally different environment and various methods of fighting the enemy. – says Krzysztof Szulc, Publishing Director Kool2Play.

You can find the new gameplay video in the virtual Indie Arena Booth zone – log in, then head to Arcade Village, Floor 2 / Action 2, then find the arcade machine with the game poster. Gameplay is also available separately on YouTube.

Check out the new gameplay video:

Download the press kit: https://bit.ly/3z0MLV3

Uragun is an action-packed futuristic top-down shooter in which the player takes on the role of a friendly-but-deadly mech and then takes on hordes of AI robots. The player is granted with access to rich weaponry, lots of useful modifications and explosive skills. Uragun features are listed below:

  • Play as a friendly-but-deadly mech unit and “cook” him just the way you like it
  • Upgrade your weapons with mods, granting them awesome bonuses
  • Experiment, find your perfect combo, improvise your way out of trouble
  • Grow your mech thanks to an in-depth player progression
  • Visit familiar locations – here as futuristic biomes controlled by enemy AI

Uragun will launch in Steam Early Access in Q4 2021.