PAX Online X EGX Digital: A challenging top-down action game, Uragun, has received a new, explosive gameplay

Kool2Play is pleased to announce that Uragun is a part of PAX Online X EGX Digital. The game has received its own virtual exhibition space and an opportunity to reach a wide range of media, creators and players from around the world.

PAX Online X EGX Digital is promoted as “the world’s largest digital games event. According to estimates, the event can reach up to million players, and the organizers have partnered up with Eurogamer, Rock Paper Shotgun, VG247, Nintendo Life, USGamer, Digital Foundry and This unique festival will end on September 20.

The Kool2Play studio prepared a lot of attractions. Players are invited to download and play the new, regularly updated demo, and there is a brand new, raw #PAXEGX gameplay video with the commentary from one of the creators.

“Uragun is, above all, the freedom to choose your arsenal and skills and having fun with what we can achieve from their creative combination. In the new video, we wanted to show that it is up to the player how he will defuse the situation. Quick, instinctive decisions are absolutely key. “- said Mariusz Leśniewski, Creative Director.

Watch the latest #PAXEGX gameplay video:

Play the demo:

Uragun is a challenging top-down action game with rogue-lite progression. The player takes control of a powerful mech and faces a large, varied roster of hostile AI machines that once served humanity but, at the peak of climate change and extreme weather disasters, turned against their creators. The game is coming to Steam Early Access in 2020, with console versions to follow in 2021.

Download the press kit: