Uragun – Polish top-down shooter with console versions in 2021

Kool2Play studio presented new fragments of gameplay from its upcoming Uragun game at the prestigious indie gaming festival that ended this weekend, Guerrilla Collective, announcing that the console versions of this demanding top-down shooter will be released in 2021.

This is another big event for independent creators, which our game could not miss. We decided to use this moment to show the new gameplay, and also reveal a little more about the console versions. The priority is to give players a polished PC version, followed by a polished console version – said Marcin Marzecki, the president of Kool2Play

Uragun is a top-down shooter set in a dystopian world, where the plot focuses on the fight against machines controlled by artificial intelligence, which the player must outsmart. The game is set to appear in Steam Early Access in the third quarter of this year. Players who want to test the game now should go to Steam and download the free demo version.