Uragun: first dev diary video is live. The game has changed beyond recognition!

Kool2Play, an independent producer of computer games, is pleased to announce that the first dev diary video for the game Uragun has just hit the web. The developers introduce the game to the players and show them what to expect from the final product.

In the video entitled “One-Mech-Army” Mariusz Leśniewski, Creative Director Kool2Play, and Fran Avilés, Lead Designer of Uragun, present the current state of this futuristic top-down shooter. The biggest changes include: a new look for the game, a new camera, a new mech model, and a number of improvements to the gameplay.

Download the press kit: https://bit.ly/uragun-assets

Uragun is an action-packed futuristic top-down shooter in which the player takes on the role of a cute-but-deadly mech and then takes on hordes of AI robots. The player is granted with access to rich weaponry, lots of useful modifications and explosive skills. Uragun features are listed below:

  • Play as a cute-but-deadly mech unit and “cook” him just the way you like it
  • Upgrade your weapons with mods, granting them awesome bonuses
  • Experiment, find your perfect combo, improvise your way out of trouble
  • Grow your mech thanks to an in-depth player progression
  • Visit familiar locations – here as futuristic biomes controlled by enemy AI

Uragun will launch in Steam Early Access in Q4 2021.