Polish top-down shooter, Uragun, among the finalists of Digital Dragons Indie Celebration. The game received an exclusive demo

Digital Dragons Indie Celebration is a special event organized on the Steam platform on the 13-15th of May. From among 200 entries from all around the world, the jury selected 50 best indie premieres planned for this year – the top-down shooter Uragun by Kool2Play Studio based in Warsaw is one of the finalists.

All game finalists will also be featured on Steam from 13th to 15th of May. In addition, Uragun will compete with other games for a Community Vote Award, and the jury will also award three best titles.

We are very happy that our top-down shooter has received positive feedback from the jury and has been selected for the final stage of Digital Dragons Indie Celebration. It is a great honor for us and, at the same time, confirmation that we are going in the right direction. It’s great that we can share our unique game with even more players – said Marcin Marzęcki, president of Kool2Play.

Uragun is a top-down shooter set in a dystopian world, where the plot focuses on the fight against machines controlled by artificial intelligence, which the player must outsmart. The game will appear in early access in the third quarter of this year.


As part of the celebration, the creators prepared an exclusive demo, the content of which consists of a fragment of one of the levels taking place in New York after the climate disaster. The Demo version will be available only on May 13-18th!