Control the deadliest weapon humanity has ever created in this challenging top-down shooter. Use your instinct to create a tactical combo and wreak havoc amongst countless enemy AI forces.

In this challenging top-down shooter, you’re set to a task to control Uragun, the deadliest tactical weapon humanity ever created, and to fight for the revival of human civilization. You will face a large, varied roster of hostile AI machines that once served humanity but, at the peak of climate change and extreme weather disasters, turned against their creators. As a human being pitted against the AI, use your instinct, and adapt to new conditions, while enemies keep changing their tactics. Experiment and find a perfect combination of your rich weaponry and abilities, play with the environment, and use your enemies’ weaknesses to your advantage.

You are a human, and YOU ARE A GUN!


  • Opponents are characterized by complex and harmonious actions, not by scripted behavior
  • Opponents are modeled on both humans and… animals. The Player has to adopt new tactics to each of the opponents to defeat it.
  • Levels in the game are based on the layouts of real cities (including Barcelona, Warsaw, New York) and other unusual locations. Are you ready to go to the Moon?
  • Gameplay based on action and adrenaline and your mech is a machine designed for destruction. The player is provided with a wide arsenal of weapons and reinforcements that will help him crush enemies.
  • Local cooperation for two players (provided in the full version of the game) means double destruction and double fun!