Alchemist Shop Simulator announced on Steam by Kool2Play

Kool2Play proudly announces its latest title, Alchemist Shop Simulator, now available to wishlist on Steam.

The game immerses players in the whimsical world of magical retail. It’s our answer to the emerging retail management genre started by the vastly popular Supermarket Simulator with Potion Craft-inspired in-depth alchemy mechanics and lots of quirky Discworld-eque comedy.

The demo of the game will be available as soon as this summer. It will provide Steam players with a sneak-peek into the game’s fantastic world and addictive gameplay.

Key Features of Alchemist Shop Simulator:

  • Manage Your Magical Store: Set up shop, stock shelves, and attract a diverse array of customers.
  • Brew Potions and Elixirs: Use a variety of ingredients to create powerful concoctions in your alchemical workshop.
  • Grow Your Own Ingredients: Cultivate a garden filled with mystical plants and mushrooms to source your potion components.
  • Expand and Customize: Upgrade your store, unlock new skills, and decorate your shop. Create the ultimate magical retail experience.
  • Engage with a Quirky Cast: Meet and serve a host of unique characters, each with their own needs and stories.
Alchemist Shop Simulator screenshot
Brew your legacy in your alchemy workshop!

Alchemy Shop Simulator begins a new chapter for Kool2Play, being the first of the new series of games developed by the newly-restructured production team. For more information and to wishlist the game, please visit the Steam Store page.