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29.05.2019 K2P

#UragunDevlog (3)

In our vision world is slowly changed by the AI, not only by how it works but also by how it looks. There’s going to be a lot different graphical representations of how AI is going to influence the cities, but one of the most noticeable are going to be The Tentacles.

The Tentacles are the structures made by AI by themselves after the rebel. They are growing from underground, where everything started and they are going to be most visible representation of AI taking control over area.

Look at this short video to check how The Tentacles were made:

We are still working on making them more dynamic and various… Just look at this “work in progress” gif presenting on how we make The Tentacles to behave:

Pretty cool, right? Remember that we are still waiting for any of your questions and inquiries on Uragun Facebook, Twitter page and now also on Discord server. Follow us on social media for more.

Remember: you are a gun.