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23.04.2019 K2P


As you can see graphics are constantly changing. We wanted the cities to be diverse, colorful, vibrant, full of neons but also glitches. We are still working on making them more detailed and AI infested.

Our next recent change is soundtrack. We have a few themes changing dynamically, according to the situation. If the enemies are nearby the music will be different than when our mech is just roaming freely through the city.

We are also working on polishing graphical effects of special abilities mech can use. On the video above you can see how we wanted “Bait” to look like.

Last but not least, we are still working on making enemies more diverse and more fun to destroy 😊 As you can see we made “Bombers” ball-like as we previously announced, they are also do some damage to the nearby enemies when destroyed. It could lead to developing a few strategies for more efficient getting rid of the enemies.

That’s all for now. See you next week in another Devlog announcement. We are waiting for any of your questions and inquiries on Uragun Facebook, Twitter page and now also on Discord server. Follow us on social media for more.

Remember: you are a gun.