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13.02.2020 K2P

Uragun - Progress Update: Feb 2020

We want to keep you guys up to date with every major step we take regarding the development of Uragun. Therefore we've prepared a progress update video because we believe there is no better way to show the progress then just showing in on footage! Expect some:

  • -mines. A lot of mines actually.
  • -orbital gun testing
  • -playing with slow-mo effect
  • -enhanced visuals and explosions
  • -reworked swarms of AI
  • ...and more!

Of course, you can expect more videos like this in the future - the plan is to create at least one summary video each month. There are plenty of things to come and we can't wait to show you the results once everything is ready!

As always we are waiting for your questions and comments on FacebookTwitter and Discord. Follow us on our social media for all the updates!