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03.12.2019 K2P

Road to Steam Early Access...

Hello Survivors!

Early Access launch is inevitable (yay!) and we are really pushing things up so we could deliver everything on time - means the end of January 2020. So what are we up to at the moment?


Soon we will be ready with you guys the fully animated game menu! So far we've got some of the stills that you can see below. The idea was to preserve the spirit of the hostile invasion on Earth and, well, the best way to show this is through a burning planet!

91061fde7ce354b47223c6bad5add51d5e980576.pngROAD TO EARLY ACCESS

We've got a lot of going on at the moment and the list of things that we would like to deliver ahead of Early Access release is treated very seriously. Here's what's coming soon to the game:

  • Three playable cities (Warsaw, Barcelona, New York)
  • Fully animated menu
  • Dialogues and characters
  • Various missions (including a new game mode: Annihilation Tomb)
  • New infected arenas
  • Tutorial
  • New type of enemy (The Guardian)


Just a little sneak peek of the shuttle ship that you will encounter in one of the missions. What do you think?

2819775d050aac14583de79f51b15520bbff0f73.pngBABY YODA

He's everywhere so why shouldn't we join the fun?

0d9ec20eaa5c9a8838e237030d241f8c1dff16c6.jpgAs always, be sure to follow us on our social media: FacebookTwitter and Discord!