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03.09.2019 K2P

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 1

06.06.2019 K2P

#UragunDevlog (5)

Hello Survivors!

This week we wanted to show you something completely new. Some time ago we started to create a new map, based on Barcelona and it’s a good time to show you how it’s all going.

03.06.2019 K2P

#UragunDevlog (4)

Hello Survivors! It was a busy week – we were presenting our game on Digital Dragons conference in Krakow! Before that we needed to polish our playable demo to be a good representation of what we want to achieve in the final build. And we think that we did pretty good job 😉 Check it out and tell us what you think 😉

29.05.2019 K2P

#UragunDevlog (3)

Hello Survivors! Today we wanted to focus not on the gameplay mechanics, but on the environment and some elements of the maps you are going to explore in Uragun. As you know, Uragun tells a story of a world after the AI rebel and you, as a soldier navigating the mech, are trying to stop this and bring the world as it 

In our vision world is slowly changed by the AI, not only by how it works but also by how it looks. There’s going to be a lot different graphical representations of how AI is going to influence the cities, but one of the most noticeable are going to be The Tentacles.

21.05.2019 K2P

#UragunDevlog (2)

Hello Survivors!Today we wanted to focus on the second weapon we are going to use as a mech. Railgun is more powerful than the regular minigun and gives more damage to the enemies. However, it needs to be used with extreme cation, because it also heats faster than regular gun. Being powerful have it’s price, as we all know…

23.04.2019 K2P


Hello Survivors! This week we wanted to let you take a look at changes we are still making in Uragun. Check the video showing most recent version of what we are working on: