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10.07.2019 K2P

Tactical Top-Down Shooter Uragun from Kool2Play will debut in Early Access this October

Uragun is a top-down mecha shooter, where the player will face AI-controlled machines that have turned against humanity. Players will face swarms of machines in 5 environments based on topography and infrastructure of real-life cities, such as Warsaw, New York, Paris, Berlin, Moscow or Barcelona. Enemies will demonstrate complex and well-coordinated behavior patterns thanks to being controlled by an unique AI, not rigid scripts. Developers are promising very wide range of enemies, each of them using an unique tactic based on its skills and weaponry, and also modify their behavior to make use of changing environment.

“Uragun is an innovative top-down shooter game. It brings together the atmosphere of cult classic Syndicate with the dynamic combat of Crimsonland and tactical elements of Helldivers. The enemies are much more than mindless hordes. They change with passing time and adapt to the players strategies. The action is set among buildings and streets adapted from the topography of real cities and, as we know, fighting in such environment brings many tactical challenges” – says Jacek Wesołowski, Lead Designer of Uragun, who has experience in working on well-received Bulletstorm, among others.

More information about Uragun can be found on Steam and the official website. Gameplay videos, trailers, and other content can be found on the studio’s YouTube channel.

About Kool2Play Inc:

Kool2Play is a developer and publisher of a multitude of games that share one idea – human nature and its relationship with the world of technology.

We create games that explore the human psyche — emotions and instincts — and how it is affected in a world shaped by our inventions. We want players to experience the consequences of ongoing technological advancements in scenarios based on the dangers our addiction to technology might bring.