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10.06.2019 K2P

Studio Kool2Play begins production of PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch games

“We’re huge fans of the Black Mirror TV series, as well as the books of Philip K. Dick and Yuval Noah Harari. Our games will have a direct connection to them. We are fascinated with technology influencing our nature and bringing out both the best and the worst in humanity. Can technology help as ascend and become better versions of ourselves? Or are we to become its slaves with our bodies used as a mere source of energy, like in The Matrix? These questions are extremely fascinating to us, and we want to tackle them in our games. Hopefully we can find some answers through engaging and fun gameplay, ” says Marcin Marzęcki, chairman of the board of the company.

Kool2Play have announced that they want to focus on high quality, and not the mass production of games. They would also like to build a community around their upcoming titles. To highlight this new philosophy, the company has changed its logo, website, and social media branding.

The first game to embody this new philosophy is Uragun. It is currently in production, and the release is planned for the end of 2019. The game is a top-down mecha shooter, where the player will face AI-controlled machines that were previously used to help with rising sea levels but that have now turned on humanity. “When it comes to atmosphere, the visuals and tactical gameplay, our product is a homage to the cult classic Syndicate. You can’t just mindlessly shoot everything in sight, it requires a tactical and strategic approach. The player will truly feel they are facing an AI, not just a bunch of scripts. Different bots use different attack patterns. They can make use of their strengths and the changing environment,” says Michał Marzęcki, Head of Studio.

“The maps are based on real life locations. You’ll take part in battles in the streets of such cities as New York, London, Moscow, Berlin, or Warsaw. We’ll show you a glimpse of their potential future, where machines have rebelled against humanity.”

More information about Uragun can be found on Steam and the official website. Gameplay videos, trailers, and other content can be found on the studio’s YouTube channel.

Kool2Play is also planning to debut on the NewConnect alternative stock exchange.